Friday, April 20, 2018

Joey Takes on Savannah, GA

Savannah, GA, USA

I'm doing a new category for my blog because I wanted to add a bit more variety to it. I don't travel to many bigger places often, but I do take out of town weekend trips to neighboring cities.

This past weekend, Hiller and I planned a trip to Savannah, Georgia (sister city of Charleston). I have only been to Savannah one other time but I didn't have time to explore. I had went to meet up with a couple of old and new friends to see a SCAD art exhibit.

We left Saturday morning, it was a four hour drive for us but we made it just in time for lunch. I had made an itinerary so we wouldn't waste our time researching where to go/what to eat/etc. The first place we stopped at was Huey's on the River. Located right on the river, they served New Orleans cuisine. I'm a huge lover of cajun/creole/low country broil, so I knew I wanted to try this place out recommended by my brother's girlfriend, Caroline.

I had a delicious shrimp creole. Hiller got a grilled chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries.

It was delicious but very heavy on the green onions as you can see. I absolutely had to try their beignets and OH MY WORD. So light, fluffy, and sweet.

(Adding a picture of Hiller because it's his debut on my blog and I'm smitten with this picture I took of him)

Savannah was gorgeous, but I do have to say that Charleston has a lot more pretty alleyways and colorful houses.

We stopped by the Paris Market which a lot of people recommended. It was such a beautiful store and it had lovely French music playing. I had a French tea which was lavender syrup with sweet tea; very refreshing but awfully sweet.

(hand made soaps!)

Walking around the city, and many squares, I was drawn to the foliage and bright colored doors! Reminded so so much of Charleston but more historic.

One of the highly recommended places was Leopold's Ice Cream shoppe. There was a huge line outside the shop that looked a bit daunting, but I convinced Hiller to try this place out and BOY DOES IT NOT DISAPPOINT. It's named after the Leopold brothers: George, Peter, and Basil. Fun fact: Peter's youngest son, Stratton, ended up leaving the family business to direct/produce multiple popular films such as Mission Impossible 3, and Captain America. 

Hiller got the Honey Almond & Cream (SO GOOOOOD. Made from local Savannah Bee honey), and I got the Girl Scouts Thin Mints & Cream (Girl Scouts headquarters are based in Savannah!). Both were totally worth the 10 min wait. 

For lunch on our last day, we ended up at Little Duck Diner. We sat outside during one of the windiest days ever, but we dealt with it. I got a spicy tuna taco entree, and Hiller a grilled chicken, pesto, and avocado grilled cheese. This place had a ton of variety so if you're a picky eater, or are with someone who is, this is the place to go.

We got some coffee at a cute little cafe called Mirabelle that had waffles and it was located right across from St. John Baptist church! 

I had Hiller take some pictures of me as well because outfit pictures are my thing (and every blogger's thing)

If you're not convinced that Vans is the go-to shoe for dressing up and down, I hope my three outfits can convince you otherwise. 

Hopefully I can keep doing these mini travel posts! Thanks for reading!


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