I like to describe myself in a combination of adjectives: silly, but reserved. Introverted, but bold. Opinionated, but shy. Overwhelmed. Stressed out. Plant-lover but also plant-killer so by default, plant-admirer. Above all, I’m a creator. I live for creativity. I thrive in it. This is my second attempt at making/maintaining a blog. Do I honestly feel ready for this newly established blog? Not really, but I am more prepared than my last one.

I’m currently a web designer for two companies. I’m a sucker for perfectly composed pictures, natural lighting, the color blush, and coffee shop interiors. I call myself an extreme hobbyist because I take hobbies so seriously and I take on so many hobbies. I want to do everything. But for now, I’m a photographer, artist, designer, stylist, and overall, a human bean trying to make it in this world.

Media kit available upon request

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