Monday, January 29, 2018

Milk Bath Series

Columbia, SC, USA

My first post about a styled shoot! Let me first say that pregnant women are stunning. I'm not around a lot of pregnant women, probably two my entire life and that's just because I did their maternity shoot, but I often forget how they're able to carry an entire human being in their stomach and still be bad-ass women working and living their lives. Bianca reached out to me with this idea of a maternity milk bath shoot and, honestly, at first I was nervous. I haven't done a milk bath shoot yet, but I was excited so I agreed.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Best in Snow

Greenville, SC, USA

It's been a hot minute (or a cold minute) since I posted. I know I keep saying that but I'm back with a round of amazing snow portraits by my photographer, Lucas (who is basically the photographer for my blog whether he knows it or not).

Greenville has had only two snow falls and I had missed the first one since I was in Charleston. Lucas and I promised to shoot during the next snow fall so when this one arrived, we set forth on our snowy adventure and the pictures turned out stunning.

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