Monday, September 11, 2017

On the Fence About it

Greenville, SC, USA

It's been a hot minute since I've written a post but I told myself I wouldn't post an outfit picture unless I have outfit worthy of posting.

I've been really into the wrap trend lately, so I've been window shopping for a lot of wrap clothing but nothing has caught my eye more than this linen button down skirt from Anthropologie. I was rummaging through their sales rack and found this boho midi skirt with the softest green color and cream stripes. It's also available in a peach/cream duo. I immediately fell in love with how it moved and how flattering it cinched my waist plus made me look taller than my 5'5 self.

I paired this skirt off with a plain white button up and grey ankle boots both from Forever21. The star of the show was my skirt so I wanted to mix and match affordable items with slightly pricier items.

Location wise: I was heavily inspired by my skirt to do a shoot with a white picket fence and open blue skies. I pass by this field on the daily and I've always dreamed of doing a shoot there and it wasn't until today that I finally made it happen. I am absolutely pleased with how the photos turned out. I wanted an urban, editorial feel to this photoset and I wanted to direct this shoot in a vision that Anthropologie would for their lookbook. Overall, I think I captured what I was going for really well. My goal for this blog is to treat it as a lookbook catalogue for whatever article of clothing I'm featuring. 

I'm honestly just obsessed with how light it is and not see-through this skirt is. I love a good sheer article of clothing but it's so hard to find a good light-colored skirt that is not transparent! Luckily, this was lined so, whew.

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Photos taken by my sister after some coaxing of comfy clothes and a PSL

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