Monday, July 17, 2017

Stay Gold

Anderson, SC, USA

For those of you who don't know me my favorite flowers are sunflowers (daisies coming a close second). I've always dreamed of being surrounded by these tall flowers, being amongst their bright, yellow faces. So when I found out that there was a small patch of sunflowers near Greenville, I made plans to finally, finally have a field day in the sunflower field.

It was breathtaking and wondrous, and it made me feel small. I'm forever in awe of Mother Nature and her children. There were bumble bees everywhere, so I was just surrounded by black and yellow.

I knew I wanted to wear my new straw hat handmade by The Scribble Studio. I had the pleasure of winning the original floppy hat she made for her Girls Guide to Greenville post (thank you, Instagram giveaways!). Also, I met up with Whitney, the creator and founder of The Scribble Studio, and she was an absolute #girlboss. She's living the dream as a creative entrepreneur.

She hand-scripted the sequins together, so every hat is original. She had only 54 hats for sale and in one day sold out! Sorry, guys! Follow her on Instagram for updates.

I paired this hat with an off-the-shoulder white top, and a yellow (no surprise) maxi skirt. Yellow has slowly crept into my favorite color list and I'm totally okay with it. A nice ochre yellow.

BRB, going to go frolic in the fields some more.

Shop Style:

Photography by Michael


  1. gorgeous photos! Love the lettering on the hat.

    1. Thank you, April! Also, can I just say that you are such an amazing + impressive UI designer? That's my field right now but you are killin' it!


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