Monday, March 12, 2018

You Melt My Heart

Greenville, SC, USA

Hello loves! I'm back as promised with another look from Old Navy! Last post, I decided to be comfy with a jumper, so I wanted to balance that out with a pastel, sporty-chic look. I have another model with me in this series because I wanted to incorporate fun into my blog posts! So, everyone, meet Arya. My sister rescued her from the shelter and she's been part of our family since November. She's also sporting a neck scarf from Old Navy. :)

This floral dress is from their new Spring Collection. The fit creates the perfect silhouette because it hugs your waist but flares out beautifully. You wouldn't have to worry about the white dress being sheer either because it is lined and the quality of it feels expensive.

I wanted to pair these with my all white Vans to give it a sporty, playful look as I run around with Arya.

I love layering even in the spring time, so when I saw this pastel pink suede-knit moto jacket, I knew it would look so great paired with the flirty summer dress.

The jacket is incredibly soft, and lightweight, and the color?! Need I say more?

Arya loved the sweet treat she got at the end of the photoshoot because she was a GOOD DOGGO after giving me handshakes.

These stackable rings are also from Old Navy. I love dainty and minimalistic rings. Old Navy has a selection of stackable rings along with statement rings. Same goes with necklaces. 

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as we enjoyed taking them! Should I include Arya in more shoots? Let me know in the comments! Once again, I like to thank Old Navy for sponsoring this post.

Shop Style:
Moto Jacket  Dress 

Photos taken by Lucas
Edited by me


  1. So cute!!!!!! The last photo is my fave

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