The Scribble Studio + Swoozies

I helped photographed and styled a Solar Eclipse themed soiree sponsored by Swoozies and hosted by The Scribble Studio. We had a lot of vendors participate including:

Invites designed and printed by The Scribble Studio

Read full blog post here

Dandy + Joanne Illustrations

In these series, I collaborated with Dandy Boutique to work on their new holiday apparel. I illustrated and modeled alongside Holly and our doodles to showcase the style and clothing of Dandy Boutique. We did three separate blog entries.

Thanksgiving with Dandy

You can read the Thanksgiving blog here.

Christmas Shopping with Dandy

Full Christmas shopping blog.

Christmas Tree Shopping with Dandy

Full Christmas tree blog

If you're interested in collaborating, click on the button below! I love working with creative minds.

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